Moving is stressful. But careful planning and a
timely start to packing is the key to a smooth move.

Submit the change of address form 3-4 weeks before you actually move. You can submit it online by visiting
Call your utility service companies to disconnect the services. If you will have time after the moving van has left, leave the power and water on for a few extra days, so you can clean up after the move.

Leave your residence telephone connected through your moving day so you can receive calls from your mover or others or, provide a cell phone number for those who may need to call you.

Consider having your mover pack at least your fragile items and wardrobes. This will assure coverage of your breakables to the extent of the coverage you choose. Wardrobes take a lot of space so you may not want them until moving day. Also, if you pack, your packing will be easier if you start early and pack a few boxes a day and particularly those items you will not need until you reach your new home.


If you pack, the boxes you pack should be marked on the side with the contents and the rooms you will want them to go into.

Pack a special box with the items you will want on the day you unload and have the driver load it into the truck last. If you mark it in a special way on the side it will be easier to locate.

Above all, be sure that you are ready to move when the loading day arrives. If all of the packing is done and you are ready, you can be assured of a satisfactory move.